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You're probably wondering how the whole thing functions.

ReLi really is a reimagining of propane. Instead of paying for propane as it’s delivered, you’ll pay for it monthly as you and your family uses fuel. And you’ll never run out. It’ll be a lot like your electric or water bill.

Let us explain how it works in less than a minute!

How do I sign up?

Short answer: Call or fill out a form

Becoming a ReLi customer is easy. Simply call, or fill out the form below, and we will contact you to get you all set-up. Our friendly dedicated staff will help guide you through the process so you can kick back and relax.

What does the meter do?

Short answer: lets you pay for propane as you use it

We’ll install a device on your house or on your propane tank – a meter – that measures the flow of propane through it. With the information from the meter, you’ll be able to pay for propane as you use it, instead of when it’s delivered in one lump sum. 

What does the monitor do?

Short answer: ensures you never run out of fuel

We’ll also install a device on your propane tank – a monitor – that keeps a constant eye on your tank gauge. With the information from the monitor, we’ll make sure you never run out of propane. That also means there’s no more need to call for deliveries – the propane just keeps coming.

What does the delivery driver do?

Short answer: deliver fuel just as they always have

Your propane company driver will continue to deliver fuel to your home just as they always have, but with information from the meter and the monitor, they’ll be able to make smart scheduling decisions about when to stop by. This usually leads to more timely and efficient deliveries to your home. You’ll no longer need to worry about when the truck is coming, or even think about the trucks– we’ll make sure you never run out!

What does a Reli customer do?

Short answer: relax

ReLi takes the work, the weight, and the worry out of managing your home’s propane supply. Simply sign up for My Energy Hub (the ReLi customer portal) and pay your bill every month – that’s it.  You can relax knowing your tank will never go empty, and you’ll never get a surprise delivery bill. 


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