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The old way
to get propane

  • You forget to check propane level at the tank.
  • You run out of propane and it's an emergency.
  • You call for propane delivery and wait.
  • You fill up and have to pay a big bill.

A better way
to get propane

  • Propane levels are tracked with a wireless meter.
  • Propane is automatically delivered. Never run out again.
  • No more delivery calls. Just peace of mind.
  • Smaller monthly bills. Only pay for what you use.

How it Works

Getting started with ReLi Energy is super easy.

Icon: Smart meter installation
Free Installation
Use the forms on this page to reach out. We'll schedule an appointment to install your worry-free wireless meter at no cost.
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Reliable Bills
If you'd like to track your energy usage on your smartphone, download the free ReLi Energy app, available for for free iOS and Android.
Icon: Never-empty propane tank
Never Run Out
Your new wireless meter will automatically track the propane you use. At the end of each month, you only pay for what you've used.

Propane can be a pain. So we fixed it.

Then, we made this video to explain how it all works.

ReLi Energy

How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not checking the meter in the rain? Not getting a big bill? Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.

Seriously, how much will this cost me?


We install and set up your wireless meter at no cost to you. Monitoring and maintenance of the meter is our job! We know you want reliable, affordable energy, so we help you set up your service and think about more important things - like where you left your keys.

Isn't all fuel delivery the same?


Nope. Instead of charging you for a full tank of gas upon delivery (you know, right before you run out of propane on a cold winter night?), we bill you monthly for only what you've used. Our wireless meter tracks your usage, so you don’t have to. We know that propane can be a pain… so we changed it!

I'm busy. How long will this take to install?


Installation is quick and easy and usually takes less than an hour. That's faster than it takes to bake a potato. You will need to be home to approve the work, but then you're done checking the meter and calling for refills. There are no obligations, and your service can be transferred at any time. We'll take full responsibility for maintaining the meter and refilling your tank.

How exactly does this meter thing work?


Your new wireless smart meter measures the propane that is used and sends information back to your friends at ReLi Energy. We'll monitor your propane usage and send you monthly bills for what you've used. That's right - this little box makes sure you only pay only for what you use. Want to check for yourself? Our online tools allow you to see your own usage. We guarantee that you will never run out of propane again.

What if I already own my own tank?


No problem! We can install meters on customer-owned tanks, too. Call us to schedule your worry-free installation.

Can you give me money too?


Well, okay. If you refer a friend, we'll give you $25 credit on your next bill.